If You Haven’t Already Switched to Reusables Here’s How to Start

If You Haven’t Already Switched to Reusables Here’s How to Start

by Trinity Miller-Aragon on July 17th

We know it can be super overwhelming to navigate all of the online buzz bento boxes, rose-gold straws and shampoo bars for days now. Is everything I own, supposed to be made out of bamboo?! Worry not, we’re here to help you with five easy-peasy steps to become a reusable rockstar. 

Step one: DON’T throw everything away 

In the post- Marie Kondo era it can be really tempting to chuck everything you own into big black garbage bags and say see ya later. I have been there for real. However, this is not a very sustainable solution it will ultimately just make more trash. Do you see the irony? 

So, you have the tupperware your mom has had in her pantry since before you were born? Start with that! 

Sort out a few usable containers, grab a cloth napkin or bandana (that you probably already have), and some utensils and you have yourself the beginnings of a great starter kit for replacing disposables with reusables. 

Step two: Make a plan for your life

Everyone has different needs and solutions to replace disposables in your life will be different than for your friends or family. Sitting down and reflecting on what you need and use is a great way to make reusables fit your life and schedule. Do you work? Do you usually eat at your desk or out with coworkers? Do you have a coffee in the morning? Do you go to school or university? Do you typically use paper towels or buy a bottle of water after lunch? Think through each step of your day and try writing out each object you come in contact with or usually throw away.

Step three: Make the switch!

Here is an easy to follow conversion chart once you have written out what your needs are:

Plastic water bottle ⇨ glass or metal water bottle 

Paper towels ⇨ bandana/ small kitchen towel

Paper coffee cup ⇨ metal insulated coffee cup, collapsible coffee cup, mason jar, normal mug

Plastic soap bottle ⇨ bar of soap

Body wash, shampoo, conditioner etc ⇨ soap bar, shampoo bar, conditioner bar (see bars for everything now)

Plastic sandwich bags ⇨ bees wrap, tupperware containers, bento boxes

Plastic utensils ⇨ normal metal silverware, bamboo utensil set

Step four: Just Do It!

Not so hard, right? Told you it would be easy- now you got this! Not only is replacing disposables easy and fun, but it makes a really big difference for our planet. It is estimated that 40 BILLION plastic utensils go to landfill each year- try to wrap your head around that for a minute. 40 billion spoons, forks, and sporks cry themselves to sleep in a stinky landfill every night for the rest of their lives. Picture that- picture the baby spork lonely and confused, pitifully waiting for the sadness to end. Can’t picture it? Well here you go.

And if you’re still not convinced here’s some reusable-fork-slicing-avocado-foodporn: 

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